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Risk Assessment & Associated Register

At Black Cat Services, as well as compiling the individual risk assessment for our clients, we also offer the service of creating and managing a risk register.

There is a potential that the risk assessments create a requirement to undertake remedial work that may be cost prohibitive. Developing a risk register enables the client to prioritise risk and then focus an organisation’s limited resources: i.e. primarily cost, but also with time and people. 

Through the creation of the risk register, we can advise the client (using their risk register) to justify their arguments that risk control and monitoring is focused on the highest priority risk first.

  • Date the risk assessment was completed
  • Last review date
  • Next review date
  • Any outstanding actions
  • Who is responsible for its management
  • References to related procedures or protocols
  • Any trend in the risk (whether it’s getting worse or better).

Once they have decided the order, managers can use the list to help them define what risk management actions to take, concentrating on the items at the top of the list first.


Fees will be charged as a fixed fee for developing the Risk Assessment and associated yearly maintenance and will be agreed prior to us entering into contract.

Any additional support due to unforeseen arising will be charged at an hourly rate (only following agreement).

For further information please contact us.