The dilapidations roadshow came to Leeds on the 19th June and our very own Peter Melling booked on the course and jumped on a train to attend.

Following the conference Peter fed back: “They explained that there have been some key developments in the dilapidations process due to the update to the Property Litigation Association’s Dilapidations Protocol. If a dilapidation claim goes to court, to not jeopardise the claim, it is essential that the new guidance is followed from the start”.

The conference explained the main changes to the new revised guidance note (6th Edition). One of the key changes is the introduction of the requirement for the client to issue a “quantified demand” document. The main requirements of this are:

  • schedule of dilaps
  • loss of rent
  • loss of service charge
  • void rates
  • loss of insurance rent
  • other sums as appropriate

This document enables us as building surveyors to discuss with the client who is going to be providing what? This is vital as many if the things listed are beyond the scope of the chartered building surveyor, therefore we can first seek agreement from the client that we really act as a project manager, bringing in the keys players to input into the document. It remains to be seen how this works in practise, but for more advice you can contact us on 01430 471920.

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