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RICS HomeBuyer Report (Click here for BCS Homebuyer Information Sheet)

This survey is an in depth review of  your property which covers all visible external and internal elements of the property. This report replaces the RICS Home buyer Survey and includes a traffic light indicator to show how urgent or significant defects are (click for sample report).

Full Building Survey (Click here for BCS Full Building Survey Information Sheet)

At Black Cat Services we offer a comprehensive building surveying service.

More suited to the older or much extended property. Provides more detail than the RICS Home Survey Report and advice how to rectify the problems identified.

If you are purchasing a property to either occupy, as a long term investment or you are taking on a lease, it is important to consider its current condition and the potential costs of any repairs that may be required in the future.

In certain instances it is also important to ensure the suitability of the property for its intended purpose and the potential cost of any alterations or refurbishment that you are considering prior to purchase.

  • Also known as a Full Structural Survey – provides a detailed report on the property’s construction and condition.
  • Can be applied to any age of property but is particularly helpful for dilapidated properties and those that have been extensively altered.
  • Useful if you plan to renovate or convert the property.
  • Includes advice for future maintenance
  • Does not include a valuation unless you specifically request one from the surveyor.

At Black Cat Services we offer to meet with our potential clients (at a time and location convenient to you) to discuss and agree our level of support and timescales prior to entering into contract.  We arrange specialist support (M&E etc), ensure access and offer to feedback verbally upon completion of the inspection if this is required by the client.

A written report will be issued for approval within the timescales that have been agreed and we will endeavor to continue with any support that may be required once the contents of the report have been reviewed.

Fees (click here for price list)

For more information about building surveying in Hull call us on 01430 471920 or email us on info@blackcat-services.co.uk
Alternatively, for more details or a comprehensive quote please contact us by clicking the link provided.