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Preparation of schedules of condition

If you lease a business premises in the UK, it is possible that you have accepted a repairing liability. In essence, this means that at the end of the lease you may have to leave the property in a better condition then when the lease was first initiated.

To avoid this, business tenants are now documenting the condition of premises before they acquire a lease and ensure that the lease limits their liability by reference to this Schedule of Condition

At Black Cat Services, as part of our Building Surveying support we offer the service of creating a comprehensive Schedule of Condition. The Schedule of Condition is a “mid-range” inspection and photographic record of the current condition of premises.  A schedule of condition survey may be required for the following:

  • As an attachment to a lease, to limit a tenant’s dilapidation’s liability
  • As a record of the condition prior to work to an adjacent or nearby building
  • In support of Party Wall claims

This type of survey is essential for both the landlord and tenant whether a lease agreement contains a repairing obligation or not.

When commissioned before signing a lease it may determine and agree the condition of a building to allow any defects along with remedial costs to be identified prior to commitment between parties.


Fees will be charged as a fixed fee for the initial survey and report and will be agreed prior to us entering into contract.

Any additional support due to unforeseen arising will be charged at an hourly rate (only following agreement).

For further information please contact us.


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